We are better than that

Last month the Vietnamese government decided to block access to Facebook and other internet sites, reigning in on tighter control of the information flow.

“This isn’t about teenagers chatting online…it’s a question of people’s rights to communicate with one another and to do business,”

said Michael Michalak U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam.  This action is a sharp reversal of the kind of progress toward a more open and civil society that Vietnamese citizens are yearning for and rightfully deserve.  There are very few countries left in the world that restrict the free flow of information and view words as crimes.  The biggest one that dominates the world’s headlines is China, where equality, freedom, and human rights are not yet accepted as universal values of humankind.  Since July of this year, China has aggressively blocked Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and it is apparent that Vietnam is following in its footsteps.

We are better than that, let’s bring Facebook back.  Let us embrace the democratic and universal human values and join the mainstream of civilized nations.  Join our campaign to bring Facebook back in Vietnam.


One Response

  1. It’s 2010, not 1984! Hard to believe there are regime’s out there that still try to police freedom of thought.

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